Natural health solutions for winter

Winter Bugs Recipe:

4 Drops  doTerra Lemon 

2 Drops doTerra Tea Tree 

2 Drops doTerra Oregano 

2 Drops doTerra On Guard 

2 Drops doTerra Frankincense

The common way to take this blend is to put the oils in a capsule and take internally.

You can also increase the recipe and put in a roll-on bottle with Fractionated Coconut oil and apply on the bottom of feet. This is a great way to apply on children.

Seasonal Sensitivity Ease:

3 drops doTerra Oregano

3 drops doTerra Rosemary 3 drops doTerra On Guard

2 drops doTerra Frankincense

2 drops doTerra Myrrh - clears congestion

Take as needed first two days, then 1 - 3 times daily for two days after symptoms subside. You can also double this recipe and put in a roll on bottle as above.

Winter Blaster: take at onset of colds

5 drops doTerra Tea Tree 

5 drops doTerra On Guard

3 drops  doTerra Oregano

Natural Cough Syrup:  

1 drop doTerra Lemon

1 drop doTerra Wild Orange 1 drop doTerra Frankincense 1 drop doTerra Peppermint

1 teaspoon honey

This is for one dose, increase quantities to have more ready.  

Biotic Blaster:

5 drops doTerra Oregano

5 drops doTerra Tea Tree

2 drops doTerra On Guard or Frankincense Take in capsule form


Diffuser Blends:


Seasonal Sensitivities Blend:

Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint - this is also a great blend for inhalers, or use with Digest Zen in honey.

Kills the Germs Blend:

On Guard, Citrus Bliss, Purify

Lemon Essential Oil:

Highly antioxidant, cleanses and purifies, aids in digestion, supports healthy respiratory function

Soothe an irritated throat, layer Frankincense and Lemon over the throat area or take a drop of Lemon in a small amount of raw honey

Peppermint Essential Oil:

Peppermint makes a fantastic respiratory and sinus support. You could take a drop on your thumb, put it on the roof of your mouth and inhale deeply, diffuse or even just smell it straight from the bottle.

Easy Air (Breathe if ordering from the US warehouse):

Supports seasonal respiratory discomfort and promotes better breathing for sleep. Use a few drops in the diffuse by the bed, you can add a drop or two of Oregano for immune support.

Make a chest, foot and back rub to support the respiratory system. Use between 1-5 drops of the blend to a 10ml carrier oil depending on the age. Keep it in a roller bottle for easier application.

Put a drop of Easy Air and a drop of Wintergreen in a sunk full of hot water with a towel over your head, breathe deeply.

Make up a nasal inhaler by adding some drops to some cotton balls or inhale straight from the bottle!

On Guard Protective Blend:

Diffuse On Guard when you are concerned about seasonal threats or feel something may be lurking! Add a drop of Oregano or Black Pepper for extra support.  Apply diluted in a carrier to to the soles of the feet and down the spine for extra immune support.


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