Sleep Apnoea and Snoring

Snoring, though common (about 50% of the population suffers), is not something that should be ignored. Snoring often causes irritated air passages, dry mouth and poor sleep quality which can lead to more serious conditions like high blood pressure, decreased mental alertness, feelings of depression and poor organ function.

A large number of people who snore also suffer from sleep apnea, whether or not they are aware of the condition, which causes a complete obstruction of breathing passages during deep sleep and stops the breathing altogether, waking the person and preventing them from achieving restful sleep. This condition of course also poses many health threats and can become worse over time if not dealt with.

The typical procedures involved with treating snoring and sleep apnea are sleep studies and surgical implants to attempt to hold breathing passages open. Salty Kisses Salt therapy offers a much simpler, safer and all-natural way to treat and possibly eliminate snoring and sleep apnea altogether.

Therapy sessions in our salt room requires no more than sitting in a soothing environment with micro particles of dry salt released into the air by our halogenator. As you lie back and relax, the salt is breathed in naturally and penetrates the air passages, cleaning them and alleviating any inflammation. During, after, and throughout continued sessions, breathing improves and inflammation is kept down, leaving a clear passage for air while awake and asleep. Try our salt therapy today and snore no more!

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