Coconut Oil Moisturising Foot Spa 

This Foot Spa treatment is great for people that are on their feet all day or suffer from skin irritations or dry feet, the benefits are amazing. Your feet will soak int our heated massaging foot spa mixed with "Organic Coconut magic", and another fragrant essential oil of your choice.  The lauric acid in coconut oil may help with fighting fungal infections, and bring balance to your hard working feet. Once your feet are soaked for 20mins  you will immediately notice your feet are left feeling rejuvenated and soft.

For more great uses and recipes for Coconut Oil we suggest you attending one of our DIY workshops


Choose from these essentail oils to go with your organic coconut oil foot spa:

Lavender, Lemongrasss, Mint, Frangipani, Vanilla, Green tea and many more.



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