Salt Therapy for Athletes

Salt therapy for athletes is an ideal natural solution as more and more athletes find that they are having issues with respiratory problems.

Not only has salt therapy been shown to work for athletes in a wide range of sports but there are no drug related problems because salt therapy does not include any form of drug.

The primary goal of every athlete is to achieve their maximum potential.  Lung function impairment can decrease athletic performance in spite of constant training.  The aim of Salt Therapy for sports performance is to regulate an athletes breathing pattern.


·         Improve lung function

·         Increase lung capacity and stamina

·         Better sleep patterns – for better recovery

·         Cleanse the respiratory system

·         Improve breathing pattern

·         Better immunity to viruses and allergic reactions

·         Enhance sports performance

Salt therapy for athletes is performed in an artificial Salt Cave where athletes breathe tiny salt particles over a fixed period, while sitting in a relaxed environment.

It is a natural, drug free treatment, suitable for athletes of all ages. Each session only lasts an hour and can be tailored to suit individual time constraints.

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