Wellness team

Would you like to join our Amazing Team at Salty Kisses?

Do you like to:

Help others?

Care about health and well being?

Like to share great things?

Care about other people?

Feel that all people are connected?  

The people we are looking for to join our team and share our journey will resonate with our team building mission statement and corporate values. 

We attract loving, genuine, driven group of people who’s first ambition is to help people.

We share our skills, passion, and thirst for changing peoples lives with the team.

We work, train, and grow our team together with a passion and love that is strong and pure.

We always hope for the best for all people.

 There are so many benefits of joining our team...read on.

 Would you like to work in a stress free environment?

Earn an income based on how much work you do?

Enjoy flexible working hours?

 Do you have what it takes?

 Are you self motivated?

Can you work well in a team environment?

Are you willing to go the extra mile?

Do you want to earn an income doing what you love?

If you think you could benefit from our products.

Or you would just like to become a part of our team, contact us now!



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